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Scarborough 30/08/19

On the 30th August myself and John Dodds made the trip over to the seaside resort of Scarborough for the day. Not fun getting over there as the Transpennine service was full and standing on leaving Leeds. We arrived in Scarborough at 11:40. The weather was overcast, but warm. Scarborough itself is a very nice

Arnside 16/08/19

On the 16th August I decided to take a little photography trip up to Arnside on the border of Lancashire to try and get some pictures of the new Northern Class 195 units crossing the viaduct over the river Kent estuary. The weather was heavily overcast when I arrived, however started to clear up in

Norwich Show 13/04/19

On the 12th April 2019 a number of club members made the long journey from our base in Brierfield to Norwich with the layout Ecclesford Junction for the annual Norwich show, which was held for one day, the 13th April. We arrived mid afternoon and immediately started to unpack and set up the layout. This

Who did that…?!

During testing of layout Ecclesford Junction a big gust of imaginary wind came howling through the town of Ecclesford, causing a tree to topple on to the track, right into the path of an oncoming 2 car Class 158 unit. The result? It was a draw – the tree was destroyed, and the train was

Morecambe 26/08/19

On Monday 26th August, myself and fellow club member John Dodds decided to have one of our usual days out, but somewhere a bit different this time. Normally we would focus our trips on visiting more distant model railway shops such as Going Loco in Outwood (Leeds), Cutty Blacks in York (unfortunately now permanently closed)

What I do…

One of the multiple things that I do when I’m either not working or attending exhibitions is volunteering on the world famous Settle Carlisle Railway line. My role? On train guiding and photography. On train guiding consists of pretty much just engaging with the travelling public – talking to them about the route, answering questions

Northerns New Train Introduction

On the 1st July 2019, Northern launched their fleet of brand new trains, Class 195s and Class 331s. They launched 9 new units that day, 5 in Cumbria, 2 in Liverpool and 2 at Leeds. I decided that I had to take a trip out on one, being a historic moment – the north getting

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