Unwanted Model Railway Materials

We are an active charity that makes many models for the benefit of public entertainment, child railway safety and education and historic railway preservation reasons.

We receive no funding from any source other than that we make when we hold our yearly exhibitions, so rely a little on public generosity to enable us to continue to be able to make and display these models.

We don’t actively seek donations, (though these are welcome..) but we are always in need of modelling materials, so if you are clearing someones railway collection, we will always be happy to receive the boxes of railway stuff that you may have rather than throw them away…other than the trains of course…which we know will be of value and people often wish to sell… but the dealers etc don’t really want all those accessories.

So please consider donating these to the club…
We will also consider purchasing all types of railway materials, trains, stock etc…so please ask if you think you may have anything the club may want.

Thank you.

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