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A bobbys error? Here we go again, with another one of my usual farces occuring. This time it’s a VTEC Class 91 and Mk4 set involved. Having not noticed the correct route wasn’t set the train tried going down the wrong track. When I did notice instead of stopping, reversing and reselecting┬áthe correct road, I

That’s not supposed to happen…

Whilst operating ‘Ecclesford Junction’ at the Kendal exhibition on Sat. January 28th, mishap befell me as usual in the form of Metro Trains Class 155 DMU literally losing its bogie mid-journey!

Whoops it doesn’t fit

OK , so its bad enough that a bug unit appeared on a steam layout , but there are areas it just can’t go.

More glue needed

The loading gauge is a bit tight, but still the cab shouldn’t do this.

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